Longwood Gardens


ECL are able to provide Fountain & Water Show Designs.

We work with all of the World’s leading manufacturers and can offer solutions for the biggest or more compact systems.

We design systems for many major Entertainment Companies around the world, often under Non Disclosure Agreements providing solutions, simulations and Concepts.

Please visit our Design Page for more details


We design and provide Control Systems to suit all requirements.

We can provide systems with full operator GUI interfaces for manual control or systems that are totally self sufficient which utilise internal Time Clocks, Wind Control and Water Level feedback Sensors.

We can also interface to many other control systems specifically dedicated for Projection, Lasers and Media Servers etc.

Specialists in the Syncronorm DEPENCE Systems.


We can produce a full 3D Visualisation of your Water Show project. This allows your clients to see what their show will look like long before construction even starts.

Please take a look at our Design Page for more examples of our 3D Visualizations.

Show Programming

We offer full Show Programming services. Work is normally started via our 3D simulator in our UK based office and then on to site for final commissioning.

Please take a look at our Choreography Page for examples of some of the shows we have created.


We can provide training to your company in all aspects of Water Show Control Systems and also 3D Design.

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